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Project Timeline

Project Timeline


  • Each class books their 2 sessions with Jodi Derkson (bio) – between September and December 1st. Classes are sent preliminary writing or discussion exercises to get thinking about the topics in VIA.

September – December

  • Jodi Derkson (M.Ed., B.Ed., BC certified Drama/English teacher) holds two workshops with each class – exploring Voices into Action, exchanging ideas about the content, and sharing opinions about the topic of discrimination in their own lives, or in society in general. The big focus of these workshops is to learn about the students’ perspectives on the topics we cover in VIA: which groups throughout history have been oppressed in horrific ways? Why? How did it get to that point? How does discrimination start? Why do we treat each other so poorly at times? How does all of this really make you feel? Then, students will be taught how to write scripts, build story, remain authentic to their views and queries, and collaborate in an effective manner. There is no doubt that the whole experience will be incredibly memorable for all those involved.
EVENT date set – auditorium booked by October 1st, 2016.



  • Scripts are written, first draft (Jodi available through email to support educators and classes)
  • Teachers consult with each group regarding their script ideas to approve them and offer ideas/thoughts (and can, of course, grade this stage of the process).


  • 1 session with Jodi to fine tune scripts for their final draft.
  • Scripts are submitted to teacher and are graded if s/he chooses.
  • Teacher chooses the three top scripts which are then sent to Jodi (who sends to external panel to choose each class’ top script).
  • February session with Jodi is scheduled for the group who wrote the top script.


  • Promotion and marketing for the event via various media channels. Public relations to engage various districts, communities and the press.
  • Act the script – Jodi and professional actor/director meet the group to bring the script to life.
  • Actor mentor arranges the next session with the students which occurs at the school (during the class or after school).
  • Tech and Dress rehearsal dates set (after school – in the week prior to event) and forms sent out to parents/guardians for permission.


  • Feedback about the event, its effects on the students, and audience/public response sent to Jodi.
  • All participants get their swag bags of various goodies!
  • Teacher is emailed with some follow-up lessons/discussions/exercises to use if they choose.