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About Us

About Voices Into Action

Voices into Action is an online teaching resource with 6 units (with 5 chapters each) on the following (click on each heading to link to the unit): Human Rights, Genocide, Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination, Immigration, Personal Action, and Living Together in Today’s World. Click here to download the VIA brochure fully outlining the resource.

Visit: www.voicesintoaction.ca (and register to use your teacher dashboard – if you haven’t already done so)

Curriculum Connections

Voices into Acting and BC’s New Curriculum Connections

Socials 10-12 includes:

  • Developments in Canadian society can be viewed in many different ways depending on an individual’s worldview or perspective. Therefore, isn’t it important that we involve them in projects which better inform them of their own views?
  • Local, national and global conflict can have lasting effects on the contemporary world. By delving into conflicts more deeply, and hearing first person accounts of these historical times, students develop a better understanding of them and can apply them to contemporary life.
  • Students are expected to know injustice, oppression and social change in the development of human rights. These are all explored in depth within Voices into Action – Holocaust, Aboriginal history, etc.
  • Explain different perspectives on past or present people, places, issues, and events by considering prevailing norms, values, worldviews, and beliefs (perspective). Why not explain them through the medium of theatre?
  • Make reasoned ethical judgments about controversial actions in the past and present, and whether we have a responsibility to respond (ethical judgment). Ethical approaches are examined throughout VIA.
  • Create and implement an action plan to address a particular social justice issue. What better way then through theatre, in front of an audience of peers, to do their part (publicly) to call out for social and political change?

English 9-12 includes:

  • Exploring text and story helps us understand ourselves and make connections to the world. There are over 250 online pages in VIA where there are a host of primary and secondary resources to learn from.
  • Texts are created for different purposes and audiences. Writing a script is a creative way of expressing oneself and even reflecting on one’s world.
  • Exploring and sharing multiple perspectives extends our thinking. VIA offers students many opportunities to question themselves – deepening their learning process as they reflect on who they are, what kind of biases they hold and how they interact with the world.